Warsaw, 21th of February 2019

Consumer Driven Contracts like TDD to the API

Consumer driven contracts (CDC) are like TDD applied to the API. It's especially important in the world of microservices. Since it's driven by consumers, it's much more user friendly. Of course microservices are really cool, but most people do not take into consideration plenty of potential obstacles that should be tackled. Then instead of frequent, fully automated deploys via a delivery pipeline, you might end up in an asylum due to frequent mental breakdowns caused by production disasters. We will write a system using the CDC approach together with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud Contract. We'll show you how easy it is to write applications that have a consumer driven API and that will allow a developer to speed up the time of writing his better quality software. The presentation will consist of some theory but there'll also be live coding and demos.




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Marcin Grzejszczak

Author of "Mockito Instant" and "Mockito Cookbook" books. Contributor to several open source projects (including Rest-assured, Drools, Moco, Mockito). Co-author of the Groovy @Builder, "micro-infra-spring", "AccuREST" open source solutions. Author of Uptodate Gradle plugin, Spock subjects-collaborators extension and gradle-test-profiler open source projects. Co-founder of the Warsaw Groovy User Group. Currently working on the Spring Cloud project.