IT Academy of j-labs

In December 2014, following our decision to participate in sharing IT industry knowledge, we joined forces with the Jagiellonian University in Kraków and held the first lecture. Initially – addressed to students. But in no time at all the proportions started changing. Specialists, looking to build on their knowledge within the scope of a given technology began attending IT Akademia j-labs.

Why do they come? It has to do with the content. We focus on technologies, sometimes against a business environment backdrop. We’ve already spoken about AWS cloud autoscaling, designing mobile apps, Ansible process automation, microservices, JLUPIN NEXT SERVER, object-oriented programming and JDK. Many more subjects are in the pipeline.

IT Akademia j-labs always uses practitioners with inspiring, often considerable professional career paths as its speakers. These are selected from amongst our staff or are invited. They include some of the most acknowledged programmers in Poland.

IT Akademia j-labs lectures

 are held from October to June

 2 events per month: 1 in Kraków and 1 in Warsaw

duration: 2 h

all events are free to attend  

 a limited number of seats – booking is required

IT Academy of j-labs was created because of need to share our IT knowledge and experience

Piotr Kiebasiński,
branch director
Cracow Region

IT Academy of j-labs is an event for everyone who appreciate professional development.

Katarzyna Bucka,
HR Manager,
współinicjator IT Akademii j-labs